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The ultimate driving machine

Germany’s Bavarian Motor Works has long been renowned for producing impeccably-engineered machines built to last as long as the owner feels like driving them…. which, in most cases is quite the distance.  When the only examples up for sale on ebay motors have 350,000 miles on the original drivetrain and still run like a piss-drunk bat outta hell, one can’t help but fall in love with these elegant machines of a bygone era where, perfection, performance, and soul came standard.  Unlike the enthusiasts of many auto brands who allow their machines to spend their eternity in a garage, serving as little more than conversation pieces for those cocktail evenings with the Jones’s, BMW enthusiasts are often, well, a bit different…


Es Scheit, Ich muss fahren gehen.

No one calls them the ultimate let-your-cars-sit-in-a-garage-for-20-years-then-sell-them machines, and few know that better than Kyle “Rapidtap” Steinkamp, driver and owner of this e30 325i.  With the amount of rallycross events, TSD rallies and long afternoons of bombing down deserted back-roads as Steinkamp and his vintage bimmer indulge in, one may be surprised to learn that his 325i is no $500 craigslist beater.  In fact, it is quite the well kept classic… but that certainly doesn’t change the fact that it was designed to be driven. Whatever the forecast predicts, there are few conditions under which Kyle and his e30 wouldn’t be found powering through the elements in pursuit of the horizon – whether he can see it through the flailing wiper blades or not.


All in the family

Out in the sticks near Pinckney, MI, a caravan of black BMWs from the 1980s may have seemed slightly out of place to the few passers by that were encountered, but these drivers and their Bavarian road warriors were right at home.  So much, in fact, that they held their own when certain timber-related challenges arose…


e28 535is "Natalia" clearing the road


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